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Over the past two decades, H&K India has been the leader in spreading awareness amongst civil engineers for the need to have high ductility rebars in India (irrespective of the Yield Strength) on account of nearly 60% land falling under the ‘moderate, high and very high’ seismic hazard categories. This has been done through papers presented at various international seminars organised by civil bodies such as India Chapter of American Concrete Institute, Indian Concrete Institute and articles published in leading Civil Engineering magazines such as MasterBuilder. We have further advocated use of a simplified Indian Standard Code for rebars so that it is easy to implement. In keeping with our beliefs all rebars made by our Licensees are strictly monitored for Stress Ratio (UTS:YS) and Elongation values and our Thermex Systems are designed to produce rebars with Yield Strength of 500 MPa (Thermex 500). The rebar processed through our Thermex System has properties which satisfy most International Grades - and is therefore very flexible and easily adaptable in most countries.

The rebar properties as per British Grade 500C of BS:4449-2005, introduced in 2006, is what we have been advocating since 1990 (implemented in our our first Thermex System at the Bar Mill of Durgapur Steel Plant of S.A.I.L.)

To satisfy most Global Codes, we generally request for a product chemical composition as below:   


Element %
Carbon  0.25 max.
Sulphur 0.05 max
Phosphorous 0.05 max
Managanese 0.60 - 1.50
Cequiv 0.42 or 0.50 max










In India we use Cequiv of 0.42% to suit Indian Code and 0.50% in other countries.

Based on over 75,000 samples in 2008-09, the tensile properties of Thermex 500 are generally as given in the Table below:

Property Typical Values
Yield Strength, MPa  525 - 625
Stress Ratio, UTS/YS 1.15 - 1.30
Uniform Elongation, Agt 6.5 - 8.5
Elongation, A5 20 - 26





 Uniform Elongation is shown in figure below:


















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